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Use Live DEMO NO MONEY BACK Below you can see a demo version of the script. We've put some dummy text to show you how different categories and questions are organized. Do not forget to check the administration pageand the search feature.The configuration (system setup) area is not accessible. This is necessary to keep the demo running smoothly.. To remove the "Powered by" links from your script and support development, purchase a GESTURE License! See Price !

Demo Version 12

Click Here Demo Version v.12 login as Student password:-demo123

Create category and level

Categories are used to differentiate the questions and levels are used to define how difficult is the question?
You can create category based on subject name like English, history etc.
Go to “Setting” link then click on “Category list”.
To add new fill last row of empty form then “Add new” button.
Here you can also edit and remove existing category.
Edit request will be posted onBlur activity of input filed.
You can create level based on how difficult is the question like easy, midium, very difficult etc.
Go to “Setting” link then click on “Level list”.
To add new fill last row of empty form then “Add new” button.
Here you can also edit and remove existing level.
Edit request will be posted onBlur activity of input filed.
Warning: Before removing any category or level, be sure that category or level is not assigned to any question.

Create Group

User group are used to differentiate the users
You can create groups like 1-standard, Group-1 etc.
Go to “Setting” link then click on “User group”.
To add new fill last row of empty form then “Add new” button.
1) Group Name
2) Price: If you want this group paid then fill amount/price of group else you can fill zero to keep group free.
3) Validity: You can fill number of days as validity. zero of unlimited days.
Here you can also edit and remove existing group.
Edit request will be posted onBlur activity of input filed.
Your can select group at signup/registration page. if user selected paid group then after login he/she will be redirected to payment gateway page.
Warning: Before removing any group, be sure that group is not assigned to any user.

Create User

Users is the module where you can add, edit and remove any users/student.
Go to “users” link.
Now you can see the list of available user with edit and remove icon.
To add user click on “Users --> Add new” link.
Fill all required information in user form
A) Email: Required to login and should be unique value.
B) First Name: User’s first name
C) Last Name: User’s last name
D) Password: Required to login.
E) Group: Free or Paid.
F) Account type: Select account type “User” but if you want to give user ”administrative” role then select account type “Administrator” .
Then click on “Submit” button.
User can also register by their own if you allowed in config file.

Create question

Question bank is the important part of application. it stores unlimited questions and system automatically select the questions from question bank to serve into quiz/test (by including given instructions).
Go to “Question Bank --> Question list” link.
You will get list of available questions in the question bank. all rows has remove and edit icon by which you can remove and edit any existing question.
To add new question click on “ Question bank --> Add new” link.
Fill the question form:
1) Select question type and number of required options (in case multiple choice types) then click on next button.
A) Select Category: Select category of question from drop down. to add more category go to “setting” then click on “category” and then “Add new”.
B) Select Difficult level: Select difficulty level of question from drop down. to add more level go to “setting” then click on “Difficult level” and then “Add new”.
C) Question: There is rich text editor to add your question. you can add images, colored text etc in the question.
D) Options: Now you can fill options value. by default there are four options but you can add more option by selecting drop down given at the end of form. Every option has radio button on left side, select radio button of correct option.
Question import: At the end of question list you have options to import questions by excel file.
To import excel file select category and level from drop down and then browse excel file then click on “import” button.
Note: Download sample excel file to know correct structure.

Create Test

You have added users and questions now its time to create quiz/test.
Go to “Quiz/test” link.
There is existing quiz list with remove and edit option.
To add new quiz click on “Add new” link.
Fill the quiz form.
A) Quiz Name: Quiz name. eg. Simple HTML quiz
B) Quiz description: you can add quiz detail, instructions and contact information of administrator in case of any query.
C) Quiz Time Duration: Its time duration of quiz. fill in minutes. when user will attempt the quiz there is a Timer which shows remaining time of quiz.
D) Start/End time: Start/End time is the available time of quiz. eg. you want quiz available from 31st Dec to 31st March.
E) Percentage required to pass: Minimum percentage required to user to pass this quiz.
F) Assign to Groups: Now you need to assign this quiz to groups. quiz is only visible to the user if it is assigned to their group. it helps you to conduct paid quiz (By assigning quiz to paid group)
G) Allow to View Answer: Select “yes” if you want that user can view correct answers after quiz.
H) Maximum attempts: Select how many attempts you want to give to the users.
I) Correct answer score: Fill score for for correct answer. it may be positive or negative value.
J) InCorrect answer score: Fill score for for incorrect answer. it may be positive or negative value.
K) Accessible to IPs: You can restricted quiz to particular ip addresses or leave empty to allow quiz from all ip addresses.
L) Capture photo: Click on yes to capture user photo while attempting quiz. This option only visible if you allow it in config file.
M) To add question automatically click on Automatic radio button and then Next, On next page you will have options to select category, level and number of questions.
N) To add question manually click on Manually radio button and then Next, On next page click on 'add question into quiz' button.

Attempt Test

To attempt quiz go to “Quiz --> Quiz list” link.
You will get list of all available quizzes/tests within your group.
Every row of quiz has link “Attempt” by which you can start quiz.
Click on “Attempt” link, it shows quiz information like quiz name, description etc.
Then click on “Start Quiz” button.
System starts your quiz and you will have a screen with a Timer at top , question at left side, next and back button below question and numeric links of question at right side (so you can jump to any question). Numeric links or question links at right side has four colors to indicate question status.
A) Black color: Question not visited.
B) Green color: Question answered.
C) Red color: Question skipped without answer or unanswered.
D) Yellow color: Question marked to review later.
There is a check box below every question by which you can mark any question to review later.
To submit quiz click on”Submit Quiz” button.


System generates user result instantly after submitting the quiz.
To view result go to “Result” link.
You will have all list of generated results.
Click on view link of which result you want to view in detail.
Result view page contain all required information of result like username, first name, quiz name, score and percentage obtained by user etc.
There is also link to “View Answers” (if administrator allow) by which you can view correct answers of quiz and answers you have submitted.
At below of result page there are two chart.
A) Column chart: Column chart display top ten results of that quiz.
B) Pie chart: Pie chart display time spent by user on individual question.
C) Download Certificate: You can download pdf file of certificate.
At result list page there is option to generate CSV file of result by selecting “Group name” , “Quiz name” and date range.